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A Safe Working Environment Promotes Efficiency Thus Raising Morale

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Moral: Individuals have a moral duty of care to take reasonable care of them selves and others affected by what they do, RTS feel effective and well delivered training can help influence an individuals decision making in a positive manner during work activities

Legal: Every employer has a duty of care to provide adequate information, instruction training and supervision, RTS Safety Consultancy Ltd offer a wide range of accredited and awareness courses to help employers meet their legal obligations.

Economic: Moral, legal and economic reasons for heath and safety are closely linked and organisations that looses money through poor management of health and safety may potentially lose profit through events such as accidents. RTS Safety Consultancy Ltd feel well structured and appropriate training can promote an economic workplace

Benefits of professional and well structured training:

  1. Improved safety
  2. Improved morale
  3. Improved efficiency and productivity
  4. Reduced insurance premiums
  5. Reduced damage to stock and fixtures and fittings
  6. Reduced chance of legal proceedings
  7. Reduced accident and near miss statistics


  •  IOSH Managing Safely planned in Birmingham Solihull November 21st - 24th book now



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